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Hank’s Lavender Farm

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Hank’s Lavender Farm, where fragrant fields of purple bliss await your senses.

Experience the enchantment of Hank’s Lavender Farm, a female-owned oasis nestled in the heart of Greencastle, PA, where nature’s soothing embrace unfolds in every lavender bloom.


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Make a Wreath – Group Class

Join us for our next lavender wreath-making class
on Sunday, June 20th at 2pm.

You’ll receive all the supplies to make a wreath + instructions, PLUS you’ll enjoy lavender-infused refreshments such as lavender lemonade, and lavender/vanilla homemade ice cream. You’ll also go home with a lavender goodie bag!

Blossom with Beauty at Hank’s Lavender Farm

Where Nature & Nurture Unite

Experience the allure of Hank’s Lavender Farm, where guests are invited to explore the wonders of lavender and nature’s magnificence.

Lavender Benefits

Discover the calming power of lavender. From relaxation to mental clarity, unlock its myriad benefits for body and mind.

Scent of the Season

Lavender blooms in late spring to early summer, spreading its delightful fragrance across the landscape.

Fresh Lavender

Elevate your senses with our premium-grade lavender, perfect for culinary delights, soothing aromatherapy, and elegant decor

Specimens Variety

We use Hidcote Lavender and classic English Lavender for floral arrangements and culinary delights like cookies, teas, ice cream, and bread.

You’ve Got to

Meet Hank

Through the back door of our home, our Golden Retriever, Hank, freely moves in and out each day, finding solace in an area adorned with various Lavender varieties. Every night, Hank indulges in his love for lavender by rubbing his head in the fragrant flowers before settling down for bed. Whether it’s the scent of soaps, lavender sugar, various foods, or lavender Epsom salts, Hank eagerly explores the aromatic delights around the house.


Our Customers Love Hank’s!


Hank’s Lavender hand soap is so silky smooth on my skin.  I originally had the bottle of hand soap in our guest bathroom and decided that it needs to be in our bathroom! Ordering more for the guests… they can wait!

M. Rose

“Hank’s Lavender Farm’s wreath-making class: a fragrant fusion of creativity and tranquility, crafting unforgettable moments with every lavender-infused masterpiece.”

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